Due to the nature of the old floors that we work with minor or major repair works are an inevitable part of our job. Repair works are the base for the best results of the restoration of every wood floor and preparation for the next phases of the restoration process.

During the free site visit, our experts will observe all the broken, cracked, rotten or missing elements of your floor if there are any and will suggest the best solution for every situation.




During the inspection, the most important things are:

  1. Wood species
  2. Colour of the wood at the moment (wood changes its colour with the time)
  3. Dimensions

Wood species can be determined during the site visit as long as the wood grain is visible.

The best way to inspect the colour of the floor is to sand the whole area that needs to be restored and make sure that all the floor elements are in a similar colour before purchasing spare wood elements.

Wood floors are changing their colour with the time, and old wood is darker than the new wood that we can buy from the shop.



We are working with some of the most significant reclaim yards in the UK, and we always use reclaimed wood to do repair works because we want to provide the best match and best service for our clients.



We have the tools and the knowlage to cut to size any spare elements and inlay it perfectly where it belongs.

When we fix elements of a floor, we always make sure that there are no pipes or cables under the board to prevent significant damage to your electricity or plumbing systems.


Common problems and solutions

Missing elements

We will find the best possible colour match, and we will cut it to size to fit your floor and needs.

Cracked board

Sometimes when the crack is small, and there is no structural defect, the client may choose to leave it as it is and keep the character of his floor.

Rotten elements and woodworms

We always advise changing any rotten boards because they are dangerous and not reacting the same to the restoration process.

Radiator pipe holes

After inspection we will let you know the best method to fix such holes.

Parquet and missing blocks

Old parquet floors usually are glued to the base with the black bitumen adhesive which is very strong, but it has one downside- when the temperatures are low it gets hard, and it cracks under the blocks of wood while people are walking on the floor.   If the woodblocks start to come out, it is essential not to lose them and keep them safe. It is tough to find the same colour wood blocks with the same size.

FAQ Wooden Floor Repairs

Can you match the old wood colour with stain?

No. The best way to match old wood is to use old wood.

Can you fill the crack of a board?

No, If there is a crack that means the board is moving and the fillet will crack as well.

Can you nail that squeaking board down without lifting it first?

No, It is crucial to make sure that there are no pipes or cables under the board to prevent significant damage to your electricity or plumbing system

Can you use the boards that I have stored in my garage?

As long as they are correctly stored, they are in a similar colour, and the size is the same or bigger then yes, we can use the boards that you already have.


Alpha Floor Sanding
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Richard Forrest
Richard Forrest
07:16 28 Feb 20
Excellent service from Ian and very knowledgable. Professional, courteous and a high quality job.
Nuala Soutter
Nuala Soutter
20:20 23 May 19
Fantastic job done by Alpha Floor Sanding. The job was done within time and my pine floor is as good as new. I can... highly recommend Ian.read more
VP Smart Services
VP Smart Services
21:27 19 Jan 19
Very professional and quality services I will recommend them to everyone!
Daniel Turner
Daniel Turner
19:22 17 Jan 19
Really pleased with the work done on our 1930s parquet living room floor - super fast, clean, no nonsense and it really... looks fabulous. Can't recommend the team too highly!read more
ben hope
ben hope
13:09 12 Jan 19
Amazing work done by Alpha! Fast, friendly and offered great advice. Now Battersea Spanish has a great looking space... for dance and kids!read more
Dan.Kelly Tracey
Dan.Kelly Tracey
08:50 11 May 18
This is the third time that we have worked with Alpha Floor Sanding. Vince goes above and beyond, works absolute magic... with rescuing our existing floors and fitted new reclaim floor boards in one of the bedrooms. Ian is always responsive and available on call without fail. We would highly recommend Alpha Floor sanding because we always feel we have been looked after, and we can’t stress enough how trust worthy and efficient Vince and Ian are. Thank you very much. Best wishes, Dan & Kellyread more
Alex Neal
Alex Neal
14:57 13 Aug 17
Did a great job. Very clean and no hassle. All work carried out on time and to a great standard. Thoroughly recommend
Karen Stannard
Karen Stannard
13:08 07 Jul 17
Arrived early and promptly. Work carried out very efficiently and relatively dust free, any dust was cleared up before... being varnished. Very pleased with the result, money well spent read more
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