Sanding of hard floors

The process of sanding hardwood floors done in a proper manner with up-to-date equipment is not hazardous. Therefore refinishing floors is in a way the one chore that is recommended to be completed in an environment with no additional upholstery furniture pieces on the wood floors. The tenants should be very weary, too about their whereabouts, while the wood flooring is being worked on.

After years of professional experience in that service field, we at “Alpha Floor Sanding” have managed to come up with an efficient and convenient for the client working system, which enables both our technicians and the residents to go on with their tasks undisturbed to some extend

Steps to refinishing hardwood floors

The wood floor refinishing procedure consists of three parts:

  1. Sanding the wood floors, which helps with the removal of any old polishing, evening out the surface of the floorboards and prepares for eventual gap filling.
  2. Filling the gaps, doing any small repairs like grinding/ sanding edges or other small wood detailing and harder to reach surfaces.
  3. Buffing preparing the bare wood floor for coating

floor refinishing

When can I step on the floor after it has been sanded?

Up until we start the buffing process, the home owner can step on the floor, if needed and thanks to the buffing any visible steps and blemishes will be removed.

Depending on the type of finish we apply and the time it takes to dry, the time the tenants won’t be able to enter the room where the floor work was done varies. From the beginning of the buffing operation until the third coat of polish has completely dried, around 4-5 hours will pass by, therefore that’s the time interval in which no one should step on the newly refinished floor.

But, if we apply an oil-based finish, then it will take around 8-10 hours for the last coat of finish to dry.

What to know before having your hardwood floors refinished

We at “Alpha Floor Sanding” always coordinate our services with our client’s schedule, therefore operating in a convenient timespan and allowing the tenants to safely go on living in their home is a priority of ours. If our team doesn’t manage to finish all the refinishing steps during the day, we leave the buffing and polishing part for the next one. Otherwise we work until all the procedures are fully completed, so that for the next day the rooms we have worked in can be once again accessible. This is very important for smaller properties and when working in a hallway, which leads to the entrance door.

Another very important aspect of this service is the noise. Every client should know that the first two phases of the service require using machinery which has a louder working process. So unlike other domestic chores this one is indeed noisier, which is something major to keep in mind. On the other hand,90% of the products we use don’t have a strong smell, which would be unpleasantly disturbing and 100% of these products are non-toxic.

hardwood floor sanding

Sanding of hard floors

Professional wood floor refinishing services

“Alpha Floor Sanding” is always ready to help anyone either figure out how to do the refinishing themselves or to save them time and effort and do it all instead of them.

Unlike other companies we don’t view your wood floors as our territory and only as a working space while we do our job. We are well aware that this is your living space, therefore we are the one who should plan and execute the service in accordance to our client’s needs and daily schedule.

Have your floors professionally refinished by experienced floor specialists like us and you will have the job done so fast, that we won’t allow your home to ever look like a construction zone that prohibits any trespassing.


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