Dust Free Floor Sanding

We use the most modern machines on the market which collect 99% of the dust during the process of sanding your floors. 

Buffer machine

We will buff every floor before and between the coats with a specially designed buffer machine to achieve the best results possible.

Stairs sanding

Our specially designed machines will reach the smallest corners and will produce less dust during the restoration process.

Gap filling

Resin and sawdust

The most common solution for gaps smaller than 3mm. 

Reclaim wood slivers

Pine slivers are the solution for gaps wider than 3mm. We produce the slivers in our workshop to guarantee the best colour match for every floor. 


DraughtEx is a rubber insulation which is squeezed in every gap of your floor and as a result reduces your energy bills  without compromising the original look. 

Stain and colour



White/Lime wash

Sealing, Varinish and Oils


We use wide range of products to suit every need depending on the type of the wood and clients preferences 


We provide the most durable commercial finishes on the market nowadays, there are plenty of options depending of the needs. 


 We specialize in using Osmo hardwax oils because they prove themselves as one of the best products on the market over the years.