maintaining of hardwood floors

maintaining of hardwood floors

Opting for hardwood floors always seems like a good idea, especially for those who cherish the significance of detail and have a classic sense of style. However, there’s much more to be prepared for after such flooring is installed in your home. If no proper upkeep routine is established, the beautiful wood would start to lose its initial shine and natural charm. Therefore we’ve gathered some useful advice for maintaining your hardwood floors, which would help enhance the overall appeal of any indoor space.

How to establish an efficient cleaning routine for hardwood floors?

The key to preserving your floors look and quality is to make practical habits, which would then turn into a whole cleaning routine. There are many ways to make sure that your hardwood floor will have a longer lifespan, and that’s why it’s important to figure out which of the following tips works best for

Daily chores

This is often overlooked, yet a simple step in the procedure. Cleaning off dust and debris from the floor on a daily basis will help protect it from any scrapes and maintain its beauty and longevity. Moreover, regular dust mopping can drastically reduce allergens in the home. Compared to conventional techniques, a microfiber fabric utilises an electrostatic charge to capture more dust and allergens. The tinier fibres penetrate into the flooring’s pores to remove dirt more efficiently.

Weekly chores

Over time, an accumulation of dirt and dust can occur on hardwood floors. Therefore, it is essential to clean them regularly. However, there’s a chance you’re not doing it right. Using a cleaner, specifically designed for the finish of your flooring, is recommended. Always look for pH-neutral, non-toxic, and biodegradable formulas, which clean efficiently while protecting your home and environment. For instance, vinegar can erode the finish even when mixed with water. Use a reusable microfiber pad to eliminate bacteria and prevent waste from excessive accumulation.

There are more effective ways to clean hardwood floors than sweeping, as it can cause dust particles to be dispersed into the air. If you decide to sweep, use a broom with angled soft bristles and sweep in the direction of the grain.

Chores on a three month basis

Maintaining your hardwood floors can be also done by applying a coat of varnish. Before polishing, make sure to remove any loose debris by dusting or sweeping the floor and then vacuuming for good measure. Use water-based polishes every two to three months for optimal luster and shine. These products will not leave a residue or release hazardous toxins while still preventing overcleaning and stripping of your floor. Urethane-based polishes are highly durable, drying quickly with no waxy residue and providing a protective layer to fill in minor scratches and give the floor an even look.

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Every 7-10 years

Refinishing hardwood flooring can bring back the wood to its original luster and look. The necessity of refinishing partially depends on the floor’s age and thickness. For hardwoods that are only a quarter of an inch thick, refinishing could be detrimental as it would strip away the entire floor. Generally, refinishing should only be done every seven to ten years.

How to avoid damage on your wood floors?

Sure, you can spend a lot of money on cleaning products and tools but that still wouldn’t mean that you’ve ensured the full well-being of your hardwood floors. The following are important reminders of what could cause additional damage to the flooring and how to avoid such unpleasant inconveniences.

deep cleaning of wooden floors

Say “no” to the beater bar

In addition to the broom suggestion, it is advised to avoid beater brush vacuums and opt for suction only. Some vacuums offer the option of deactivating the brush feature for surfaces that are not carpeted. The vigorous brushes can cause harm in the long run and are not recommended.

Avoid cleaning with water

It is not advisable to clean wood floors with water, regardless of whether they are laminate or engineered. Even if the flooring is advertised as being waterproof for a lengthy period, there may be tiny openings where moisture can seep in. Knowing how to clean wood floors properly is crucial to maintaining them. As suggested above, it is essential to keep your floors free from dust and dirt. Nevertheless, when cleaning the floor, avoid using water, instead, use either a dust mop or, at least, a broom with softer bristles.

Forget about steam mops

It is important to remember that steam mops and cleaners should not be used on wooden floors. Many have heard of stories or recommendations suggesting using these products to remove stains. However, sealed wood floors may be able to withstand this kind of treatment, whereas engineered floors could suffer damage due to their glues. Using a steam mop on laminate flooring can lead to the bubbling of the top layer and ultimately cause irreparable damage. Therefore, we do not recommend this method and suggest avoiding it altogether.

Apply floor protection pads to furniture

Your furniture may also cause harm to your floors. To prevent this, you can place glides with fabric bottoms beneath the legs of your furniture. Additionally, it is wise to exercise caution when moving furniture.

Take your shoes off

When discussing harm to hardwood floors, footwear is rarely brought up. However, once you have children and they come inside wearing cleats, the potential for damage becomes more apparent. Stilettos and other thin-heeled shoes can also cause deterioration of your flooring over time.

Therefore, placing small area mats at the entrances can be highly effective in stopping a large portion of dirt from being brought inside. Prevention is always better than cure, so you may even consider removing your shoes when entering the home.

How to upkeep wooden flooring which is exposed to direct sunlight?

The sun exposure should be monitored closely, as its ultraviolet rays can cause discoloration, if the wood flooring is constantly exposed to them for an extended period of time. To protect your floors, it is recommended that you draw the curtains or close the blinds when possible.

If you have incorporated a UV curing or protection element in your wood floor finish, you are at an immense benefit. These contemporary solutions offer considerable color preservation from the sun’s damaging rays.

For those who already have flooring, applying a UV-protective film to windows that are exposed to direct sunlight could be an effective way of preventing the fading of wooden floors.

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Cleaning hardwood floors regularly is an essential part of prolonging their life and charm. It’s mandatory to research efficient maintenance techniques, which would help you figure out how small baby steps in your quotidien routine could enhance your home’s atmosphere and hygiene level. Maintaining any wooden floor requires effort and consistency, which is why it’s important to make a priority of yours. But if you’re not too confident in your ability to perform some of the recommended procedures, it’s always better to hire a professional floor sanding company, which would be able to take care of your floors flawlessly.


Is it better to vacuum or mop hardwood floors?

When it comes to hardwood floors, vacuuming is a more effective cleaning method than mopping, as it quickly removes dirt and debris instead of merely redistributing them.

What should you not put on a hardwood floor?

Avoid using straight ammonia, alkaline-based substances, or harsh cleaning agents.

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