Greenwhich London

Greenwhich London

What the client called for us:

We received a call for a very worn oak floor that was neglected for years. Luckily this is one of our main areas of expertise for our technicians at Alpha Floor Sanding.

The process: 

That was a challenge since we had to match the factory finish colour, which was not easy because the factory method of applying the colour is entirely different from the method we can use. We started with the sanding because we needed to know what we are dealing with, how clean the actual wood was under the factory finish and how it will react to our range of colours. We did a few trials and errors with the colours, and we got the desired colour which was a relief. 

After everything was clear, we sanded the whole floor and water popped it since we had to use Hybrid oil colour from BONA 2K range. Waterpopping is a process which is very important when using coloured oils because the water raises the grain of the wood and opens it, which allows more of the pigment to absorb into the wood.

hardwood floor in bad conditon

floor sanding in progress

damaged wooden floor

hardwood floor

On the following day we applied one coat of the Bona 2K oil and left it to cure for 12 hours

On 3rd day morning, we could finish the project by applying one coat of BONA Traffic HD matt varnish, which gave strength to the floor.

The whole process took 3 days. The floor looks fantastic and this is the moment to say why we like the hybrid oil. They allow us to use oil colours and finish them with heavy Duty varnished, so we have the best of both worlds.

floors after sanding

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