wooden floor before the service

wimbledon sw19

What were we called for:

This January, a client from Wimbledon called us for original pine floorboards that were in very bad shape.

wooden floor before the service

How did we restore the floor? 



We started by selecting all the boards that needed to be changed. Luckily, the client had some spare boards, and we did not have to worry about matching size and colour. After we ensured that the whole floor was solid and there were no damaged boards, we started with the sanding. The first cut was challenging since the joists were bowed, and sanding it to a flat surface was difficult. The second and third stages of the sanding gave us hope, and the transformation gave us the strength to continue until we got to the varnishing process. We applied three coats of Loba Viva clear varnish with a matt sheen. As you can tell, it looks like a completely different floor. 

The Final result

Everything took one day to complete from start to finish. It was a challenging job, but after we saw the transformation, we were more proud than tired.

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