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Every homeowner knows that maintaining a property requires not only hard work and money but also awareness of all the small and not so small details that contribute to the material quality of the home environment. Although repainting the walls and changing the old furniture pieces with new ones are staple indoor “renovations”, there are other far more important home makeover acts like refinishing your wood floors. No matter how hard we try to cover them with rugs or clean them with suitable chemicals, any floorboards need extra maintenance. We at “Alpha Floor Sanding” are pleased to inform all our customers that our company performs any wood floor restoration services. Just like the different carpet and rug shapes and materials, wood floors are, too, diverse in material, design and structure. Before you decide whether or not you want to have your floors sanded, you should know what type of flooring you have and the vital needs it has.

What is the engineering floor?

Most often people choose to have either solid hardwood flooring or engineered flooring in their home, which for the common man may not look too different when only glanced at the surface but they are actually dissimilar in structure. Solid hardwood floors are exclusively constructed of hardwood, which makes them not only a very trustworthy “standing ground” but allows numerous sanding cycles in its lifespan.

Engineered floors are made out of three layers – a hardwood top layer, plywood core and a backing board. The solid hardwood surface layer (the lamella) is usually 2 to 7 mm thick, gives the flooring the feel and the appeal of a solid hardwood floor, and it is adhered to the core. The plywood core contributes to the durability and the shape of the floor. And the backing (bottom) layer supports the entire board, making it a stable and reliable foundation.

This type of flooring has many benefits which may sometimes be unfairly neglected, because there are so many more modern flooring options, which are made of alternative materials beside wood. The people who are appreciative of the authentic, stable and stylish flooring know that engineered floors are easier to be installed, it is cheaper than solid hardwood flooring and it is less prone to warping because of its stable three-layer construction. Another great advantage is the pre-varnished surface which saves time and makes the floor ready to be exploited as soon as installed. The maintenance of engineered floors is similar to its predecessor – vacuuming or sweeping and the periodic mopping. However, the lifespan of the engineered floor is quite short – only 20 to 40 years. Due to the skinniness of the top layer, the floor can be sanded only once or twice throughout its lifetime, which is all the more reason why you should hire a professional to do this important and hard to perform task.

Professional engineering floor sanding services

“Alpha Floor Sanding” is here to assist anyone with his floor sanding needs! Our company believes that any domestic or public indoor space deserves to have well-kept floors which exude cleanliness, stability and of course, a welcoming appearance. We work with a variety of the latest sanding machines, which gives us a head start when treating any wood surface. For engineering floors we use a special machine which only gets rid of the old varnish coat without sanding away too much of the top layer, which contributes to the longer preservation of the flooring. Our modern machines function with attached dust extractors, which is the reason why our work space is always dust-free.

Keep in mind that demolishing the neglected engineered floor and replacing it with new flooring will be more costly than securing a professional floor sanding service with “Alpha Floor Sanding”. To all the Londoners who want to get their time and money’s worth, pick up your phone and contact us here: 02030260377 or 07824994777.

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